Frequently Asked Questions

Identified as being linked to our create a company issue we are working on the fix which will solve both of these and should be in by the end of the week. Please check back for any updates. 

We are aware of a current issue with our create company functionality where an error is being displayed suggesting your developer status is inactive. We are working hard to fix this at the moment, please check back to see when this is fixed.

Whilst we are working on a fix for an issue in the FirstPaymentDateTime Field there is a workaround that can be applied in the meantime. Please set the date to the following valid format: 2020-07-24T16:29:24.00Z

There is an issue reported by some TPPs on payments APIs where they are getting an error stating that “x-jws-signature” header submitted in the request is invalid.

This occurrs when the TPPs use the OBSEAL (eIDAS) signing certificate to sign the payments payloads and create the x-jws-signature.

In our current implementation we always validate x-jws-signature and its details in accordance with OB Legacy certificates. Please bear with us whilst we fix this.

Due to a contradicting ask within the OBIE DCR spec 3.1 which has been fed back to OBIE, currently our designs only accept org_ID matching iss value from the information seen in the documentation. We will be updating this to reflect the software_ID matching the iss value and should be released in Q2.

Due to how we translate the date range you may receive a 500 error when requesting 15 months of transaction data. This is likely to occur when requests are made late evening or on weekends.

As a work around please retry your request with +/- 1 day in the date range.

Due to a system limit, if a member has a large number of transactions on their account an error will be returned, rather than returning the members' transactions.

**There is a work around for Third Parties, who will have to request the same data in smaller date ranges to avoid returning an error.

API Affected: GET /accounts/{AccountId}/transactions